Adding Product Reviews to your homepage and other pages

Integrate Product Review into your homepages and on other pages within minutes in just 6 steps.

GemPages is now integrated with Reviews on Shopify. Thanks to our partnership with, you can have access to a 45 days extended trial of their paid Awesome Plan


In this article, we will walk you through 6 steps to import reviews from to any types of GemPages pages.

Install Product Reviews from the Shopify app store


Add the Reviews Carousel element in GemPages

  • Step 2: Access the Library, by clicking on the Library button on the toolbar of the editor page.


  • Step 3: Select the Element tab on the box and then enter “ Reviews Carousel” into the Search box on the top to find it out. It should be in the Third-party item.


  • Step 4: Select the element and click Add element at the bottom of the appearing pop-up. It will be added to the left sidebar. 


Set up the Reviews Carousel element in GemPages

  • Step 5: Wait for the app to be configured (usually a few seconds). On your left, simply drag and drop the Reviews Carousel element into your current page.

  • Step 6: Under Choose widget item, select the display style you want to configure from to GemPages.

Carousel: With the carousel, you can select featured reviews in a stunning carousel widget anywhere on your homepage. 
Verified Reviews Badge: A badge that can be placed in your store to showcase the number of reviews received for your branding (Usually added in the footer section).
All reviews: All reviews of the entire store will be displayed on a separate page.
All Reviews Text: It shows the total number of published reviews and the average rating.

GemPages allows you to align the selected widget to the left, center, or right with Alignment setting. You can also customize the content of product review under Extra Class.