Checklist for your product page

This article will outline all the materials you need to create a high-converting product page.

Before launching or running ads on your new product page, make sure you have every element from this checklist set up on your page and running efficiently. 

1. Setting Up Your Product Information

The first thing you will need is all the materials needed to showcase your products to your customer. It includes: 

  • Information
    • Name of the product
    • Price: show the price and the discounted price next to it (if any). 
    • Quantity: let your visitors know about the quantity left for this item. 
    • Specs: explain your product in detail to avoid any bad surprises when your customers receive it.
    • Customization options: if your goods are customizable before checking out, make sure to display this option next to all the information! 

  • Pictures / Videos 
    • You will need to show your product from every angle, to let your visitors have the sensation that they are in a real store as if they could physically touch it and inspect it.  

  • Add to cart / Dynamic Checkout Option
    • The idea here is that no other section of your page can compete visually with this one. You can have both "Call To Actions" buttons set up but keep in mind they should be visible and straight to the point, using imperative sentences.

2. Creating Trust with Social Proof

It is a mandatory feature you will need to work on if you are looking to convert your visitors into actual customers. Try to show as many Social Proofs you need as they are the key to creating trust and confidence in the mind of your visitor before he acts on a purchase. 

  • Reviews / Opinions of your customers
    • Star ratings: showcase the rating of your item by displaying stars next to it and give a clear and quick idea on its popularity to your users
    • Video testimonials: having video proofs shows how much impact your brand has on customers, as they are ready to put their name and face to talk about it. 
    • Facebook / social media reviews: 

  • User-Generated Content: it is a good idea to always show your customers with your merchandise. Add an Instagram feed under your product to display all the materials created by your clients! 

  • How many customers have bought the product and how many visitors are viewing it right now: display on your website your number of sales and the number of people currently watching one of your items. 

3. Creating a sense of urgency & incentives to influence the buyer's decision

  • Limited stocks: increase the feeling of uniqueness and urgency by displaying the quantity left for an item.

  • Countdown timer: set a timer and let your customers know how long they have until they can buy your product

  • (Free) shipping information: try to offer free shipping when possible as it is proven that having shipping costs can have a drastic impact on your sales.

  • Related Products: useful for doing upsells and cross-sells on your products and also when the product is sold out. 

  • Discounts: you can set up discounts when buying in bulk or just display a discount when you are running a promotion campaign. 

4. Checking your Website's responsiveness and SEO 

  • Perfectly optimized for mobile: most of your traffic will come from mobile devices. Try to design your store with this in mind, and then adapt it later to desktop sizes. 

  • Always keep an eye on your metadata description and picture and make sure you improve it from times to times by studying keywords


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