Create a product page with GemPages

This article will help you make use of GemPages to create a product page that converts.

What is a product page?

A product page is a page on an eCommerce site that defines a product with its features, manufacturer, uses, and a lot more. Product pages are the lifeblood of your online store because they are the last things your shoppers see before they make their purchase.
GemPages can help you create the product page in a way that captures visitor's attention and from that, you will get better conversion.

Create a product page with a pre-built template

  • Step 1: From the GemPages' Dashboard page, click on "Product pages" from the list on your left sidebar.



  • Step 2: Locate and click on the "Create a New Template" button, you should see a variety of prebuilt templates for product pages. You can quickly create your own in minutes.


Create a product page from scratch

If you already have an idea to design your product page, you can create a blank product page by selecting "Create New Page" during step 2.



The following video tutorial shows you how to use elements of GemPages in order to create a product page quickly.

Tips for you

One thing so simple yet crucial is to have an eye-catchy "Add to cart" button. Influential eCommerce brands constantly run tests on their CTAs to find the most attractive and optimal version for their customers. With GemPages, you can choose an effect for the cart button or display it as an image to attract your customers.




Furthermore, you can also boost sales by redirecting them to the "Checkout" page or upselling to another product.


If you're interested in learning more about powerful, user-friendly GemPages, please feel free to figure out more articles here or reach our Support Team. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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