Introducing GemPages' dashboard

Once you sign up for a GemPages account, you will be taken to your personal Dashboard where you can start creating pages with the following main parts.
  • Top bar: Search box, Helpcenter, Notifications, Account settings. 
  • Left sidebar: Back to Shopify, Page types, 3rd party - Integration, Upgrade Plan button
  • Main dashboard: Create a new page, New templates, Information board, New blogs

Top Bar

  • Search box: With our Smart search box, you can find out your pages or pre-built templates easily in a few seconds.

  • Help center: It is the place where you can reach our Live Chat support, raise your questions with My tickets, or get more information about GemPages within Get Started Guide, FAQs, and Tutorials items.

  • Notifications: You keep receiving notifications in GemPages here.
  • Account settings: There are 2 options appearing when you drop down this item. They are Account Settings and View live store. Additionally, about Account Settings, you can make some changes to your preferences such as the Language to display, as well as your personal information.

Left Sidebar

Everything you need to manage and build your site can be found here, and every panel has a name.

By default, the Home Menu displays these panels:

  • Back to Shopify: By clicking on this button, you will be redirected to the Shopify Admin Panel.
  • Page types: GemPages offers 5 varieties of pages including Subpage, Homepage, Product page, Collection page, and Blog post.
    • Subpages: Create a web page designed for the purpose of persuading visitors to act on an offer.
    • Home pages: Create an introductory page of a website, typically serving as a table of contents for your site.
    • Product pages: Create and manage the layout of your products.
    • Collection pages: Creating collections is where you can promote your product, showcase all the products, and focus on one design.
    • Blog posts: Create a blog post to drive traffic to your website. Increase SEO or SERP.
  • 3rd party: 
    • Integration: you can incorporate third-party apps with GemPages in just one click.

    • Thank You Page: Since Shopify will not allow to edit or place a tracking app on the check-out page the thank-you page was designed to fix the issue. Moreover, there are so many more features you can take advantage of it to boost revenue such as collect customer's birthdays, surveys, checkout upsell, and so on. (insert pic) 
      Check out this article to know how to integrate the app on Gempages.
  • Upgrade plan: Once you have decided which plan is the most suitable for your store, click on the Upgrade Plan button to subscribe to your new plan.

Main dashboard

  • Create a new page: By clicking on this button, a new page will be created.
  • New templates: We have a big collection of pre-built templates for different pages purposes. ( change images ) 

  • Information board: This part offers you useful tips to build even more converting pages.

  • New blogs: This part brings new updates to you.


If you're interested in learning more about our powerful, user-friendly application, feel free to read more with related articles here or reach our dedicated Support Team. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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