How to add ReCharge Subscriptions to your store

This article will help you know how to integrate ReCharge App to your subscription orders on GemPages sites.

ReCharge (is a chosen Shopify plus app partner for subscriptions) creates recurring orders and subscriptions that boost your customer retention. Customers can easily add the items they want to subscribe to their cart exactly as they would with a one-time purchase. The integration between GemPages and ReCharge allows you to add subscription functionality to new products pretty quickly and easily with only 6 steps.

Install Subscription by ReCharge from the Shopify app store


Set up the ReCharge Subscription in GemPages

The ReCharge Subscription only works on Product Page and we must put the Liquid code into Product module
  • Step 1: Go to GemPages Dashboard, then choose the Product template that you want to add ReCharge section.


  • Step 2: On your left sidebar on the GemPages Editor page, simply drag and drop the Liquid element into Product modules area of your page.


  • Step 3: Copy the code below then paste it into Liquid element


<div class="rc-widget-injection-parent"></div>




That's it! ReCharge will be embedded into the current product as you have configured in the ReCharge app. When everything is perfect, don't forget to Save the changes or hit Publish and the changes should soon be visible on your page. 


If you're interested in exploring more third-party apps that directly integrate with Gempages, you can check out this link. Otherwise, you can always integrate other apps to Gempages by our Liquid element. 


Need more help? Feel free to reach out to our GemPages Support Team via email and live chat.



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