How to add reviews to homepage and other pages

Integrate Product Reviews UGC into your homepages and on other pages within minutes. converts trust into more sales by increasing social proof for your store. We can configure them from on your stunning pages created by GemPages.

Install Product Reviews UGC from the Shopify app store


Add the - Custom Page element in GemPages

  • Step 2: Access the Library, by clicking on the Library button on the toolbar of the editor page.


  • Step 3: Select the Element tab on the box and then enter “ - Custom Page” into the Search box on the top to find it out. It should be in the Third-party item.

  • Step 4: Select the element and click Add element at the bottom of the appearing pop-up. It will be added to the left sidebar. 


Set up the - Custom Page element in GemPages

  • Step 5: Wait for the app to be configured (usually a few seconds). On your left, simply drag and drop the - Custom Page element to a product module on your page.