Adding Rivyo Reviews Testimonial Into GemPages

This article will introduce you the way to add a testimonial section or show all reviews of Rivyo on pages created by GemPages.

Rivyo Reviews Testimonial's widget will allow you to show all your reviews on other types of pages, specially homepages, or landing pages. (If you are looking to show reviews for a specific product, please follow our tutorial on how to integrate Rivyo Reviews' widget right here.)

  • Testimonial: With this option, you can select which reviews will be shown as testimonials on your page. Have a look at their demo page.
  • Listing all reviews: This option will pull out all reviews of your store. Have a look at their demo page.

Step 1: Install Rivyo Product Review from the Shopify App Store.


Step 2: Access the Library by hitting the Library icon on the navigation of the editor.



Step 3: Navigate to the tab Elements then search & select Rivyo Reviews Testimonial element.




Step 4: Import the element to the editor by clicking on Add Element button


It will be imported to the bottom of the left sidebar


Step 5: Drag and drop it from the left sidebar to the editor. 

Where you put the element will depend on where you would like the review section to appear and will vary depending on your page layout.



Step 6: Select the option Testimonial or All Reviews Page on the section Choose Widget 



Step 7: Hit Save and Publish, then check the result on the preview mode or live page.

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