Can I edit my header & footer with GemPages?

Header & Footer are global parts of your Shopify theme that only can be edited within your theme. GemPages only controls the middle part (the main content) of your page. You may want to pick a free theme from Shopify which has a header & footer style that satisfies you and then use GemPages to design your stunning pages.


The approach of traditional themes that knowledge of coding is a must-have skill to deeply change the appearance of theme sections (header & footer included) is not any longer correct like before, we provide you with an effective solution - EcomSolid theme. This is a next-generation Shopify theme, where you can easily change page's sections by using predefined presets. 


EcomSolid theme is made of different sections: a header, a banner, a content section, a footer... These sections are offered with more than 125 pre-designed presets ready to be used. This means countless possible combinations for customizing the layout of your homepage, product page, and cart page as well as the guarantee to create a beautiful functional website ready to convert.


Try EcomSolid now.

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