Create and assign a custom collection page for a specific collection

This article will help you to know how to link a custom collection page for a particular product.

What Is A Collection Page And How It Works?

A collection page allows you to organize products into structured groups. This works well for your administration of the business and it is also beneficial for shoppers browsing the online store. 


An online store can have from several to dozens of collections, depending on the business purposes and marketing strategy of the owner. The biggest benefit of having collections is to help shoppers find products, or simply browse your store, easier. Here are some examples of smart and effective collections that you might want to create: 

  • Men, women, or children - Grouping products by age or gender.
  • Best-sellers - A group of your most popular products is the easiest way to appeal to customers and direct them to quality-guaranteed products.
  • New arrivals - Grouping products by their recentness triggers an atmosphere of fresh buzz. Your customers can enjoy the feeling that they bought it first - which is essential for a fun shopping experience. 
  • Products on sale - An all-sale collection lets shoppers browse in the comfort of a smaller price tag. You can even break down this group into smaller sub-groups, such as “30% off”, “50% off”, or “Below $20”.
  • Product bundle - Adding collections of related products is an effortless way to motivate customers to buy more. Maybe they’re here only for a dress, but a cute minimalist necklace is so much more appealing and stylish. 

Why Do We Need To Create A Custom Collection Page?

Online shopping can be addictive, but it can also be tiresome for those who don’t usually enjoy it in the first place. Moreover, people rarely land on the one, or first, a product that they like right away. For many, browsing through the store’s entire products is part of the fun - “retail therapy” has been proven to work well for tons of people. In the other words, having an eye-catching, purposeful, and diverse collection page is an effective way to boost the conversation rate. 


In GemPages, you can easily create production templates and apply them to all your existing collections or just a specific collection. For further information on creating a new collection page, please click here.

How Do I Assign A Custom Collection Page To A Specific Collection? 

  • Step 1:  Select the collection template. The assignment settings box will be on the right side.

  • Step 2: By hitting the Add Collections button at the bottom, a collection list will pop up. You can select one or multiple collections and click Add Collections to assign the current templates for them.
    A smart search on the top of the pop-up allows you to quickly locate the collection pages from the list.

  • Step 3: The last step is to confirm your action. Click on Yes, Add now if you accept the change. Otherwise, click Cancel to dismiss your last selection.

    Just in case, you would like to unassign any selected products, please hit X on the right side and click Unlink Now! in the confirmation popup to finish.

    Please be well noted that it also requires to enable Dynamic feature on the Product List in order to alter assigned collections to the selected collection pages.

Collection pages play a vital role in turning visitors into interested buyers. People love e-commerce sites that speak directly to them, so understand their expectations and then construct smooth collection pages according to their needs. Knowing how to design a custom collection page for a particular product gives a great advantage to your online store. 

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