Designing a high-converting landing page

The Difference Between Using A Landing Page and A Product Page

First of all, you will need to understand the difference between them before making your choice! These two pages can be useful for your brand as both have distinct roles ensuring you are providing the right information and messages to new users. 


Explicitly designed for marketing campaigns, the single objective of a Landing Page is driving traffic to generate more leads. Keeping your landing page's message simple and clear will avoid confusion from your visitors and will convert more. 


On the other hand, a product page can be useful to provide detailed information about your brand & product. Is it often more lengthy and will bring additional knowledge to your users.


Deciding Which Type of Page to Choose

It all depends on your goal and the objectives you'd like to reach

Are you looking to get prospects and potential customers? If yes, I suggest you to go with a Landing Page. Do not forget to include a call to action and/or a form to get more information about your visitors. You will be able to retarget them later or communicate with them directly through email marketing. 

If you're trying to convey the value of your product and give a consequent amount of information to build confidence for your customers, then you should definitely go with a Product Page. Include a call to action button, the most important element of your page, and convert your user by offering them to "buy" or to "add-to-cart" your product.


How To Design A Landing Page that Converts 

In this article, we will not show you an example of how to create a Landing Page using GemPages. 

If you'd like to see examples of what you can do with GemPages, just follow this link right here to access our blog posts and case studies on this topic. 



The Content Structure of A Landing Page

Hero Image - Banner:

  • Impactful Headline along with your company logo
    Choose the perfect headline that will make your users read more. 

  • Informative sub-headline 
    Clearly show the solution to the problem of your visitors. You can include a value proposition inside as well. (show how and why your business is the right choice) 

  • Visible Call To Action / Form
    Whether you are using a CTA button or a form to generate new leads, make sure you only have one available. There should be no other possible action for your visitors.  They also should stand out from the rest as they are the only mean of communication left between you and your potential customers.

    If it is a form, make sure it is taking the majority of the space on the above the fold part of your website. Don't forget that the more fields there is to fill means less conversion in the end.

    For your CTA button, place it on the above the fold section as well, and use a striking color to ensure that your visitors don't miss it. 

  • Product/Service Image 
    Use the hero banner to show a beautiful picture of the product or service you offer. Try to add more value points directly to the picture so visitors have access to most of the information without having to scroll down.

Additional information 

  • Social Proof
    Create trust by showing reviews of your previous clients, companies already working with you, certifications, anything that can prove the legitimacy of your business. 

  • More information about what you offer
    If your offer is complex and requires a high level of commitment from your visitors (such as buying a product) you will need to provide additional information. Keep the design minimalistic and show 2-3 features that make your product a game-changer!

  • Footer
    If your page is long enough, you can think of copying the form or CTA button from the above the fold section to the footer to ensure your visitors don't forget the main goal of your landing page.

Finally, keep in mind to always remove unnecessary distraction (such as your navigation menus or any other call to action buttons) as they are proven to reduce the conversion rate and will be a break when reaching your objectives

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