How to display compare at price next to sale price

This article will let you know how to show up sale prices by setting a compare-at price.

Marking a product on sale is one of the most effective techniques to run sales for an online store. It's very simple to set up a "compare at price" with GemPages. Let's follow these simple steps below to display it on your website.

Step 1: Select a variant

From the Shopify admin panel, select a product in Products >> All products. Look for the variants section in the detailed page of the product then click on the Edit button on the right side.

Step 2: Add a compare-at price in Shopify admin

On the new opening page, locate the "Compare at price" box and enter the original price of the product. When you are done, you can hit the Save button on the top right corner of the page to finish.


The value of "Price" should be lower than the "Compare at price" to show the discount on it.


Step 3: Display the compare at price in GemPages store

In the GemPages editor page, toggle "Compare price" of Price element's settings on.



You can also modify the format of compare price in "More settings" of the Price element as below.