Drive more sales with Ajax cart feature

This article will help you grow your store and increase your sales with a simple guide of Ajax cart.

What is "Ajax cart"?

The shopping cart is virtually the last step in the customer's purchasing process; it's what seals the deal. "Ajax cart" is a feature that allows you to boost sales with multiple methods including upselling, optimizing the checkout process, and customizing confirmation messages.

How to enable "Ajax cart"

Select (P) Cart button on the editor page. You should see "Ajax cart" settings under the "Settings" tab in the left sidebar. To enable "Ajax cart", please toggle the right button on as below:


How does "Ajax cart" work?

After enabling the "Ajax cart" feature, please hit "More settings" to configure sales methods.  With "Ajax cart", GemPages supports users to:

  • Redirect visitors to a custom page for upselling
    In "More settings", select "Custom" to offer additional products related to the existing products or offer a higher-priced product than what your customer has in their cart. You can insert the target link in the Custom URL box or select an internal page of your store by hitting the "Pick link" button.

  • Redirect visitors to the checkout page
    The most usual strategy is to skip the cart to take your customers directly to the Checkout page to place the order. This could help you push your customers for the purchase and also save your customers' time for completing the order transaction. Select the "Check out" option to make the Checkout process quicker for effective conversion.

    It's simple to change your Cart button text in (P) Cart button settings. It helps you to alert your customers that they would be redirected to the Checkout page once clicking on this button.

  • Redirect visitors to the cart page with customized messages
    You can also modify a confirmation message once redirecting customers to the cart page successfully. Just select “Cart” in Ajax cart settings, then you can create your own message.

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