Create FOMO with Stock Counter & Countdown Timer

In this article, you will learn about Stock Counter elements and how to use them to create highly converting pages.

What Is (P) Stock Counter Element? 

Stock Counter places a widget on your product pages that tell shoppers how many products are left in stock. When shoppers realize that  stock is limited, it creates a gut-wrenching sense of urgency and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO!) that compels your shoppers to buy.

Since (P) Stock Counter element is a child element of the Product module, it should be located in a Product Module to work properly. 

You can quickly find the element on the left sidebar of the editor page.



Settings Tab's Parameters

  1. Display Condition  

    • When the slide is on: It will display the number of items has left in stock. 

    • When the slide is off: We can add a condition to make when to show Stock Counter at Scarcity Threshold

  2. Stock Quantity

    • Auto: Stock Counter will be represented based on the Display Condition and Shopify Admin product information. 

    • Manual: You can style Stock Counter the way you prefer without the real-time information of the product on stock. 

      • Remaining Quantity: Is the number of the product on Stock you want to display. 

      •  Remaining Percentages:  You can decide how the progress bar demonstrated. 

  3. Message 

    • Template: 

      We can only edit the message inside the highlighted field. If not, the Stock Counter might not work properly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     <mark>HURRY!</mark> ONLY %number% LEFT      


    • Out Of Stock Message: The notification customer will receive if there are no items left in stock. 

  4. Dimension

    • Width: You can decide how wide the percentage bar is. 


    • Alignment: Where you want to place the Progress bar. 

  5. Display 

    • Color: You can select the color of the stock counter's theme. 

    • Font Size: There you can decide how big the font is. 

    • Progress Bar Height: You can decide how high the percentage bar is.  

    • Rounded Border: It lets you decide to have rounded or rectangle borders. 

    • Effect: It allows to turn on or off the existing effect. 

    • Show icon: You can change the icon you prefer or turn it off completely with this feature.  

  6. Extra Class: If you wish to customize the variant's content element in a particular way, kindly use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in the CSS file.

When it's done right, Stock Counter can stir up the psychological principles of Urgency and boost conversion rate overall. However, don't hesitate to contact the GemPages customer support team if you have further questions to create and design Stock Counter for your online store. 

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