The Difference Between GemPages And EcomSolid


This article will give you a comprehensive comparison between GemPages and EcomSolid to find out why we have an ecosystem where two apps doing seemingly the same thing coexist, what they do, and how you can leverage your Shopify online business using either of them or both.


From the get-go, GemPages was created to be the ultimate drag & drop page builder.


GemPages takes advantage of the drag & drop method and allows you to design the page body with next-level granularity. In the GemPages Editor, elements can be easily maneuvered and repositioned. Each element has its own configurations and shares the same design parameters across the board.

Want to test two different layouts for the same page? Use A/B Testing. This feature allows store owners to simultaneously run two different designs for the same page to test out conversion rate, add to cart rate, page views, etc. using data collected directly from Google Analytics.

GemPages highlighted features include:

  • Provides unlimited page customization at a high level of detail using the simplified drag & drop method.
  • Split tests between two different templates for a single page to track for conversion rate, add-to-cart rate, unique page views, etc. using data from Google Analytics.
  • Works on top of EcomSolid: GemPages can be used to tailor your pages, and EcomSolid is for global font, button styles, slide-out cart design, etc.



At its core, EcomSolid is an advanced Shopify theme powered by an advanced Editor


Design-wise, EcomSolid grants maximum access to every aspect of a Shopify online store, allowing you to set everything up from scratch quickly and with no hassle using beautiful presets. You can set up a whole store by designing each page type one time only. 

And since EcomSolid is a theme builder, not a page builder, it opens you to design pages you won't see in any page builder apps, including the Cart Page, Search Page, Password Page, and 404 Not Found. 


But it doesn’t stop there, EcomSolid also comes with a fully functional Page Editor. This is where you can design separate pages and link them to your different parts of the store later in the Theme Editor. If you need a standalone page for, say, a flagship product, you can do that as well with the built-in Page Editor.

For single pages, the page types supported are Landing Page, Product Page, Home Page, Collection Page, and Article Page.


EcomSolid highlighted features include:

  • Builds both theme and separate pages using the Theme Editor and Page Editor.
  • Modifies the Header, Footer, and Global style (branding color, logo, typography, and spacing)
  • Allows for store-wide editing (pages that are not included by other page builder apps: Cart Page, Search Page, Password Page, and 404 Page)
  • Utilizes prebuilt sections so you can design more pages in less amount of time, while still maintaining extreme ease of use.
  • Offers built-in powerful add-ons so you can enable the cart drawer, introduce quantity discounts, show reviews, and star badges, etc. so you can spend less and convert more!



EcomSolid builds your theme and can be used to design a whole store in the least amount of time. You have access to beautiful and fully customizable presets as well as specific pages that are not included in any page builder apps.
GemPages provides more powerful page customization and granular element control using the intuitive drag & drop method. Alongside that is the ability to split test two templates on the same page using trusted data collected directly from Google Analytics.

Both apps are designed in such a way that either of them works perfectly fine separately, and even better in conjunction: You can use EcomSolid to modify the theme’s header, footer, buttons, and logo universally, while GemPages will be there to tailor your pages and run split tests between templates.

Check out our blog post for a more detailed comparison chart, and if you need any further assistance, our GemPages Support Team is always here to help.

We can be reached at any time via email or live chat.


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