Introduction to GemPages Customization Service

Important Note: Customization Service is a privileged service reserved only for users of the Build, Optimize, Enterprise, and legacy plans. If you're currently using the GemPages Free plan, upgrading to one of the above plans lets you take advantage of Customization Service.
GemPages now provides you with custom services for your web page. This guide reviews the services available and how to request a service with a Gempages expert.

About our customization service 

As you know,  you can create a website using GemPages without any coding or design knowledge. Custom code may be used to further customize your site. Sometimes, adding code to your site is an advanced modification that falls outside the scope of our Support Team. In that case, we now provide a design service to help you save time and overcome the challenges of creating customizations while designing your stores.


Let's say after using GemPages to build your page, you have an idea to make it even better. However, you don't have the coding skills to put it into action. No worries, our team of web developers has the ability to help you leverage your website design based on your idea. 


Depending on what you need, the charge may vary. Fortunately, not all of our custom tasks are charged. Please refer to the table below to determine which tasks are free and which are not.



Customization task Sub-Customization task Free of charge Charged
Designing stores Designing pages with GemPages N/A   ✔️
Designing sections with GemPages N/A   ✔️
Optimizing stores Optimizing Loading Speed Adding custom code (if/else) when loading GemPages   ✔️
Optimizing images   ✔️
Minified CSS, JS, HTML   ✔️
Editing/Updating tracking code Basic events (pageview, add-to-cart, etc.) ✔️  

Advanced events

  • Lead events
  • View-content: landing pages 
Installing 3rd-party apps Default app feature (review apps, upsell apps, etc,) ✔️  
Customizing Product Features


GemPages Features


Supported theme animations ✔️  
Unsupported theme animations   ✔️
Element styling (colors, borders, sizes, fonts, etc.) Standard ✔️  
Advanced   ✔️
Customizing functions

Examples of unsupported functions

  • Scrolling to a section/element
  • Vertical slider
  • Lightbot/gallery
  • Product badges
  • Displaying dynamic content
Customizing Theme Features Integrating theme’s features/sections into GemPages
  • Inserting product modules into GemPages
  • Inserting theme’s slides into GemPages
  • Inserting theme’s features into GemPages (search bar, quick view, zoom in/out)
  • Inserting cart drawer from paid Shopify Themes
Inserting cart drawer from free Shopify Themes ✔️  
Editing theme features Styling (spacing, background colors, etc.)   ✔️
Customizing 3rd-party app Features Integrating 3rd-party app’s APIs Example: Integrating Spotify’s APIs to search for order status, tracking codes, etc.   ✔️

Adding custom code to edit app’s styles, flow




How can I request a custom service?

Once you have an idea to customize your website, you can submit a brief to our Customization Service department via this form.  Please describe your request with as many details as possible. Our team will investigate it further and get in touch with you by provided email address to discuss the next steps. 

If your request is not listed in the table above, feel free to share a brief with us. Our team will take a look and let you know if it is possible.

Warranty Policy

Once the customization task has been completed with your approval, we will offer a 7-day warranty. Please be noted that the warranty is not valid under any condition or damage caused by the alteration or misuse of the original codes.

Do you have any questions? Reach us via email and live chat!

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