How to add the Infinite Options element to your pages


This article will guide you through the steps in adding the Infinite Options element to your page.


Before adding the Infinite Options element to your page, make sure you have the app installed on your Shopify store and the GemPages Editor. Visit this article for more details.


Configure Infinite Options in the Shopify admin

As GemPages will draw data from the Infinite Options app, you need to have it all configured before designing. 


Head over to Shopify Admin > Apps and click on the app.

In the app Dashboard, you will find help docs and customer support to get all configurations done.


Set up the Infinite Options element in GemPages

Once you have set up your custom fields in Infinite Options, it’s time to put the Infinite Options element onto your page in the Editor.


Since the Infinite Options app offers product options, it has to be nested inside a Product module.


Step 1: In the GemPages Dashboard, select one of your pages and enter the Editor via the “Edit” button.

Step 2: Search for the Infinite Options element, drag & drop it onto your preferred spot inside the Product module.

If you don’t have a Product module yet, please drag & drop one onto your page first.



Configure the Settings tab

In the Settings tab, you will have the option to align the element and add extra classes.



Set the Infinite Options element’s horizontal position to Left, Center, or Right.


Extra Class

If you excel at coding and would like to further customize the element, feel free to add a class name into this field and refer to it later on in the CSS file.


Configure the Design tab

The Design tab holds all the tools you need to fine-tune the look of your Infinite Options element before publishing.

Hit “Save” and “Publish” once you are happy with the result to update your front store.

Here’s an example of what you can achieve with the Infinite Options element.

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