How to install Wiser Personalized Recommendations on your store


This article will guide you through the steps to install the Wiser: Personalized Recommendations app on Shopify and GemPages.

Install Wiser on Shopify Store


Search for the Wiser app on Shopify App Store and install the app.


Install Wiser in GemPages’ Editor

Step 1: In the Dashboard, click on your page to enter the Editor.

Step 2: Open the Library on the top bar, go to the Element tab and search for “Wiser”.


Step 3: Select and install the Wiser - Personalized Recommendations element.


Once finished, the element will be added to your left sidebar, ready for use.


To learn how to set up the Wiser - Personalized Recommendations element on your page with GemPages, check out this article or contact our GemPages Support Team via email or live chat!

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