What will happen if my trial plan expires?

This article will answer all the questions related to the trial plan. Keep reading to learn more.

How long is the free trial for? 

The free trial plan is for a period of 10 days. Once your trial has expired, you can upgrade to one of the three available plans Starter, Professional or Advanced plan. 

Visit the Installing GemPages & Choosing A Plan article to learn more about how to install Gempages on your current Shopify store and the differences between the three plans.

How do I start the trial plan and which plan is the trial plan based on? 

The trial plan will start after you install GemPages successfully. As the default trial plan is Professional Plan, you can freely explore all the features and functionalities of Gempages. 

What happens if the trial plans have expired? 

  • Once your trial expires, you can upgrade to the Starter, Professional or Advanced plans. Check out this article to learn how to upgrade your plan.
  • In case, you think Gempages is not a perfect fit for you at the moment:
    • You don't need to worry about you will be charged as no credit card was taken unless you upgrade to a paid plan. 
    • All features of the Trial plan will be unavailable. But after you reinstall GemPages and purchase a paid plan, you can continue to edit your created pages without any problems. We guarantee that all the created pages will still stay untouched & functional.
      In this case, after 3 months from the day, you uninstall GemPages, all images on your pages that were saved on our highest speed CDN will be moved to the lower speed CDN. However, it's still sufficient for the pages to function normally.

How do I revert back to the original templates? 

You can follow the specific instructions to get back to your original Shopify theme templates. 

Gempages offers various advanced features to help you create and design beautiful-looking and highly converting templates for your stores. You can use the free trial period as a way to get a good overview of how these features can help you sell products and build your business.

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