Increase your revenue by adding Wiser - product recommendations to your page

This article will instruct you on how to implement Wiser to GemPages pages.

Wiser Product Recommendations and GemPages are now integrated together.

You can easily add product recommendations served by Wiser to your page by dragging and dropping the widget as a native element of GemPages without touching the custom codes. 


Step 1: Install Wiser Product Recommendations from the Shopify app store.


Step 2: Access our Library by hitting icon Library on the navigation of the editor 



Step 3: Navigate to tab Elements. You will notice that there are two modules of Wiser:

  • Wiser - Products & Collection Page: This module is oriented to show product recommendations on the Product page and Collection page
  • Wiser - Custom Pages: This module can show product recommendations on all types of page




Step 4: Import the widget to the editor by clicking on Add Element button 



Step 5: Drag and drop the Wiser element from the left sidebar to the editor.


Where you put the element will depend on where you would like the product recommendations to appear and will vary depending on your page layout.



Step 6: Pick the option of product recommendations you would like to have it displayed on the left sidebar of the editor



The meanings of Wiser's options:


Option Name Meaning
Related Product Show the related products based on various conditions like products that share similar collection, tags, vendor or type
Recommended Products You can select the products manually for each product that you want to show as recommendations.
Frequently Bought Together Show the products which were Frequently Bought Together
Recently Viewed Products Shows the recently viewed products which were browsed by visitors
New Arrivals Shows the newly added products from store
Featured Products You can assign products to a collection and select that here to show Featured Products
Top Selling Products Shows products which were sold the most number of times or the best sellers by A.I.
Trending Products Recommend products to shoppers based on their popularity. We recommend using Trending when your store doesn't have sufficient orders to calculate trending items
Inspired By Your Browsing History Shows the products related and inspired by the entire browsing session of a visitor. Products which are related to the recently visited products by a visitor.
You have to set up conditions of product recommendations from the advanced settings of Wiser admin.

Step 7: Save and Publish then check results on the live page 


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