Data Retention & Erasure Policy

For Uninstalled Accounts

An account is deemed as uninstalled when its user deletes the GemPages app from the list of Installed apps on the Shopify Dashboard.

Data from uninstalled accounts will automatically be erased after 3 months of uninstallation. We will inform you of the data erasure date via email. To prevent this, reinstall GemPages and sign in to your dashboard.

For Inactive Accounts

GemPages determines an account as inactive by looking at sign-ins and activities (page creating, editing, publishing) over the previous 12 months. If you have signed in or had any on-page activities within the last 12 months, your account is considered active. 

Data from inactive accounts will automatically be erased when reaching 12 months of inactivity. We will inform you of the data erasure date via email. To prevent this, sign in to your GemPages dashboard.

Data subjected to erasure

Here is the list of data stored within GemPages and subjected to erasure:

  • User information: all data from this document with these main attributes
    • Shopify Domain
    • Full name
    • Email
    • Google Analytics ID
  • User-generated data: 
    • Draft pages
    • Uploaded media assets (except on live pages)
    • Sync data (with third-party applications)

Be noted we don’t manage your Shopify store data. These data will be re-synced if you reinstall GemPages again:

    • Pages
    • Products
    • Collections

Please reach out to us via email or live chat if you have any questions regarding your data. 


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