Common issues with password-protected Editors

This article will cover all common issues you may encounter when accessing the Editor of your password-protected store.

If you try to enter the Editor when your store is password-protected, you will see a popup prompting for the password. This is necessary for GemPages to synchronize all the data and allow you to work seamlessly in the Editor.



Kindly navigate to the Shopify Admin > Online store > Preference. Under the Password protection section, you will find the password to access your online store. Enter the password in the field and hit “Apply password.”


About the Fallback Editor

If for some reason, you can’t obtain the password, click on “Use Fallback Editor”. After that, you will be directed to the Fallback Editor to continue editing. 

The Fallback Editor is an Editor that uses the default style of GemPages instead of the global style from your theme. The first thing you will notice is that the Header and Footer are not the same as the ones from your theme.

You can use the Fallback Editor to edit and manage your page. However, since your Live page will adopt the global style of your theme after publishing, you might see the differences between the Editor and the Live page. Therefore, to ensure the best experience, it’s recommended to apply the password to enable GemPages to read your theme's global style. 

After applying the password, you might encounter some issues. Here is a list of common issues and solutions:

“Wrong password”

If you notice the "Wrong password" error message when entering the password in GemPages, go to Shopify Admin > Online store > Preference to find the correct password and try again.


“There’s something wrong with your domain.”

You may receive the message “There’s something wrong with your domain” after applying the password. The common reason is that GemPages fails to connect with your Shopify domain. In that case, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Keep your current Editor tab.

Step 2: Go to Shopify Admin in a new tab, then try to make any random changes and hit “Save.”

Step 3: Switch back to your previous tab with the Editor and click “Reload.”



“SSL not found.”

The most common reason is that you’ve just added your custom domain and Shopify hasn’t created your new SSL certificate yet. According to Shopify, this process may take up to 48 hours. Normally, the issue will be automatically fixed within that time without any further action.

Kindly select “Use Fallback Editor” and try again in the next 48 hours.


For more information about SSL, check out this article from Shopify. 

“There’s something wrong.”

The error message will appear when the system takes too long to verify your action. In that case, you can temporarily select “Use Fallback Editor” to edit your page and contact our support team for further instructions.


That’s it! If the error keeps occurring, please let GemPages Support Team know directly via email & live chat for direct assistance!

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