August 2021

We are continuously working on making GemPages easier and more convenient for all our users. So, here are all new updates for August!


Sticky Add to cart


Make it easier for your customers to checkout with a Sticky Add to Cart, now possible using the revamped Row element! Organize the content and set the display position however you want, without coding or any third-party apps.

Head to your Dashboard and check it out! And here is your guide buddy - How to create a Sticky Add to Cart, if you ever need it. 


Opinew update


This month we’re thrilled to announce that designing with Opinew just got much better - and for only half the work! 

Head down to the GemPages Dashboard to be greeted with the all-in-one Opinew element that can be placed anywhere, on any page. No more headache over choosing the right display and the right element - our algorithm will do that for you!

Rest assured that your pages with the previous elements stay the same, but if you ever need to edit them, we suggest taking a look through these helpful articles!

Ryviu update


Say hello to another element combination from the GemPages team - Ryviu Product Reviews

Instead of having to use two elements for different review layouts, you can now have the freedom to select up to 5 different types of product reviews, from reviews, star badges to carousel and masonry. All widgets will automatically adjust their options anywhere you prefer. 

Pretty neat right? Check it yourself in the GemPages Editor. For further details, these article guidelines will come in handy.


Minor Updates

New configurations

  • Set the same height to all product titles in the Product List element
  • Add “Trigger when" and “Run" options to Flow Actions's Scrolling to percentage section
  • Add General Settings link for the Contact Form and Firepush SMS Subscribers element to directly change the customers’ email address from the Shopify admin
  • Add a Product Module notice for the Infinite Options element
  • Add Sound option for the Video Bg element
  • Add notification when the A/B testing campaigns have different layouts on page variants


  • Group Product Reviews as a sub-category for Third-party elements
  • Remove the Support Video option in the (P) Product List element
  • Add Development tag for Shopify development stores

Bug fixes

  • The width value can’t be saved on all screen sizes in the Row element
  • The double-click error when editing the mobile screen of the (P) Cart Button element
  • The (P) Price element doesn’t work with the BEST Currency Converter when dropping it in the Product List element
  • Sticky positioning error in the Row element
  • The spacing error in the A/B Testing feature 
  • The Dropdown element doesn’t work with special characters
  • The recommend products flicker after reloading the page in the Related Products element

That’s it for now. Check back in the next two weeks for more updates from GemPages in September!

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