December 2022

Here are all the latest features and updates in the final month of 2022. Ready to dive in? Let’s go! 

New Features

Product Assignment - Assigning Products Made Simpler and Faster

We've revamped the product assignment experience in creating product pages. The new flow allows you to easily select products for your product pages from the top bar.

You can now assign your product pages with all your store's products, products in any Shopify collections, or products from other product pages made with GemPages.
Also, here's what you can expect to tackle with this new feature:

  • A new UI for the Select Product settings on the sidebar. We've added the option Display by assigned product to Product and Related Product element.
  • A new interface for assigning products from the product page list on the dashboard.
  • Flexible preview of the product page from the top bar.

Learn more about the product assignment feature in the GemPages Help Center.

New Updates

GemPages Now Supports Free Plan

After installing GemPages on your store for the first time, be ready to enter the Free plan automatically! 


What does the Free Plan offer?
The Free plan will allow you to thoroughly explore all the ins and outs of GemPages, our app features, and you can even publish your store's first page!

Experience the app alongside building up your business, and once you are set, upgrade to a paid plan to support your business at any stage of its growth.
To see further information on our new pricing plans, head to


Access to Your Shopify Store Password and Edit Your Pages Right from the GemPages' Editor

A new password input flow is now available for all GemPages users. This new flow enables users to experience a more complete and intuitive experience when editing any page in our Editor.
So, how does it work?
No more blockage to editing pages when you haven't accessed your Shopify store password! GemPages users can start editing pages quickly and easily by accessing their Shopify store password right from inside the GemPages Editor.


And it's effortless!
First, click on Allow access in the bottom notification of the page's Editor.
Then, enter your store password in the popup (as shown below), and you're ready to edit your desired page!

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make GemPages the most reliable page builder, we focused extra on eliminating key bugs! Here are some of the critical fixes:

  • Fixed bug: Swatches background manager makes the Editor slow down
  • Improved the GemMeter feature - GemMeter version 1.2, as below:
    Improved Weak Sense of Trust: Changed the rule when checking the issue.
    Added a new item in the GemMeter checklist: Weak SEO - check the issue related to page SEO.
    Missing CTA button: Added CTA button for two more elements - (P) Dynamic checkout & Submit Button (Form field).
    Fixed the issue of the Show it button for Accordion, Popup, and Carousel elements.

Thank you and see you in the next updates!

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