February 2021

Happy Lunar New Year! 🧧

Check out all the red packets from GemPages in February ⬇️

A/B Testing BETA

The feature that we are all waiting for is here! In the beta phase, A/B Testing is made available to 50% of GemPages users for experimental purposes. The feature will be ready to use for all Advanced and Pro users by the beginning of April, after deliberate testing and review. 


In the meantime, head straight to this article to explore how you can improve conversion rates with A/B Testing!

Mailchimp Email Status Update


Give your customers the option to review and confirm the subscription if you use Mailchimp integration. When the status is set as “Pending”, a confirmation email will be sent to each entered contact. Once confirmed, the contact status will be changed to “Subscribed”.

Youtube Loop Option

Now you can put your short videos on repeat with this newly-updated option in the Youtube element. Just toggle the switch to enable the feature!

Automatic Stock Counter


With this feature in (P) Stock Counter, the number of remaining quantity can be updated in two ways:

  • Automatic: The actual number of your stock on Shopify
  • Manual: Input any number you like!

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Overflowing text on Accordion and Carousel elements
  • Duplicated text on the toolbar of the Collection element
  • Validate the (P) Variant when the blank option is used with Ajax
  • Integration update with the new Recharge app
  • Other minor bugs

Hope you enjoy these updates, and please let us know what else can be improved in the future 🙏🏻


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