January 2022

It’s a brand new year! We’re more determined than ever to help you build & optimize your storefront in minutes. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to this January.

Minor updates & bug fixes


  • Redirect the ‘add’ icon for all pages in the sidebar navigation
  • Support 3D image display for the (P) Image List in the Live Page & Preview
  • Reduce stutter & lag by optimizing the CPU consuming functions in the Editor
  • Render of side navigation in the Editor
  • Update the popup for the Free Trial users
  • Adjust locked feature message for Homepages, Product Pages & Collection Pages running A/B testing campaigns
  • Recalculate algorithms to reduce lag when dragging elements in the Editor

Bug fixes

  • Loading bar display in the Editor
  • Notifications in the notification tab delete after 30 days
  • A/B testing campaigns can be scheduled to stop with its status changed to ‘Completed’ at the selected time
  • The ‘Test URL’ message for the A/B testing feature
  • The default URL display for the Custom URL parameter
  • Tooltips for all the page types in the sidebar navigation
  • View count icons for templates in the Template Library
  • PRO label for templates in the Dashboard’s Latest Templates section
  • Interval code clearing in the Editor
  • Liquid code update for the Stamped.io integration
  • Placeholder display when users drag & drop elements
  • Campaigns for Shopify Default Pages and GemPages Pages in the A/B testing feature
  • Rendering improvements when users access pages
  • Language API loading for “en” or “fr” will remove duplicates

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to show you more of what we have in store. Stay tuned!

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