July 2022

Here’s a brief rundown of all of our updates in July, including the powerful Global Styles feature for easily styling your store, improved API performance, and many minor bug fixes!

New Feature

Global Styles 


Save yourself tons of time and effort creating a consistent look across all your store pages. This advanced feature lets you make all your adjustments in a single place and apply them to each page.


With our advanced Global Styles feature, you can:

  • Quickly import styles from your theme OR create a new preset from scratch and customize the preset to your specific needs. All with just a few clicks;
  • Create as many presets as you wish;
  • Apply your preset to multiple pages.

You can use our guide to access the Global Styles feature from the Dashboard.

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

Feature Updates

Applied to all stores, our new API for editor content (v2) will reduce the editor’s loading time by 3-5 seconds.  

Code fixes

  • Bug fixed: Memory leak when setting element.
  • Bug fixed: Sidebar does not show after setting a link for the image element.
  • Bug fixed: Fonts do not sync when heading tags are changed in the Heading element.
  • Bug fixed: Load only GemPages' script does not work.
  • Bug fixed: New API for editor content (v2) (applied for all stores) - Editor freezes at 97% upon loading and conflicts with the Lock Smith app.
  • Bug fixed: Cannot adjust Hover Effect in Hero Banner element.
  • Bug fixed: Section Divider in (P) Description element does not function properly.
  • Bug fixed: Template missing when syncing template after user switched theme.


  • The save button is now disabled when the editor is loading.
  • Changed the liquid tag from include to render-type when GemPages scripts are injected into Shopify theme.
  • Improved the loading speed of the Activity Log page.

We will keep perfecting our product to improve your experience with GemPages. Stay tuned for more updates in August!

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