June 2021

We couldn’t wait to share all these updates in June with you!


A/B Testing official release


After constant testing and perfecting of the beta phase, we are so thrilled to announce that the A/B Testing feature is now available for all Business and Advanced users. Head down to the Analytics section, test out different page variations to make data-driven decisions!

Check out our 5-minute video tutorial and help center articles to get started quickly.

GemPages Feedback


We would love to hear from you on how we can make the GemPages experience even better, anytime, any place. That’s why we are so excited to introduce our brand new Feedback System for you to easily: 

  • Request and cast your vote on upcoming features
  • Report a bug and know exactly when it will be fixed
  • View our public roadmap to know what we’re working on
  • Explore our changelog for everything that’s new with GemPages

Our response will be 100% transparent!

We’ve also added the Feature Request action right in the Dashboard to help you quickly access it. Just click on Support > Feature Request whenever you want to share your ideas with us! 



As GemPages temporarily delisted, we’ve seen an influx of requests to buy/sell stores with GemPages installed. That’s why today, we are really excited to announce the GemPages Marketplace group dedicated to: 

  • Connect businesses to exchange stores with GemPages installed.
  • Establish a platform for you to announce buying or selling of GemPages stores.
  • Increase transparency and support for you in exchanging stores.

Join now and start trading at https://gmpg.link/marketplace

Account Settings

Manage your Cookie Preferences


As part of our commitment to respecting and protecting your personal information, we’ve recently updated the Cookie Preferences. Hit Account Settings > Data Privacy > Cookie Options if you want to accept, reject, or set your own preferences.

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes


  • Hide CookieYes banner on app.gempages.net/install and app.gempages.net/welcome
  • Guide to fix the block in Vimeo and Facebook Like elements when all cookies are rejected
  • Rearrange the Element’s context menu
  • New layout for Schedule Publish action
  • Increase speed when dragging an element
  • Add the width and the height attributes for the (P) Image element to improve the page loading speed

Bug Fixes

  • The Image List element’s error on mobile
  • The Hero Banner element's error when the image name has special characters
  • The conflict between Lazy Load and jQuery from the store theme
  • The conflict between the Parallax element and jQuery from the store theme
  • The Parallax background image doesn’t align in the middle
  • The Product Filter & Search displays more than one element on a collection page
  • Two confirmation banners of CookieYes in the Editor
  • Error when adding a file from another CDN to the Image element
  • Error in (P) Price as the auto currency converter doesn't show the unit price

That’s all for us focusing on feature updates and bug eliminations. See you in July!




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