March 2022

We’re always working to improve GemPages to benefit our valued customers. Below are some of our most recent updates you should know about.

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

Feature Updates

  • Change the “Page List” layout in the Dashboard
  • Display error message for invalid Google Analytics Tokens
  • Add tips & FAQs page when loading Editor
  • Update UI for the A/B Testing summary page
  • Disable editing for pages running A/B testing
  • Add product status label into Product Selector & Product Assignment Popup
  • Add collection status label into Collection Selector & Collection Assignment Popup
  • Enable Smart Image List Field for the (P) Image List Element
  • Add font-weight setting to a number of elements
  • Improve Dashboard loading speed
  • Improve style on Dashboard Page Setting
  • Optimize code to improve slider performance for some fields
  • Update the “How to use?" link for Elements in the library
  • Display a survey popup for trial users 3 days before their trial expiration
  • Change the Account Settings interface 

Code Fixes

  • A/B testing campaign improvement
  • Hover image display for the Image Effect Field in (P) Image element
  • Vimeo rendering for customers using Firefox browsers
  • 3D Image on the mobile preview on the (P) Image List element
  • Child style applies to (P) Title, (P) Button,... other elements in Products
  • Share library tooltip and sharing edit in the Editor
  • Shopify domain sharing improvements
  • Error 401 fix when reinstalling the app
  • (P) Image, (P) Price, (P) Cart button, (P) Title improvements for the Product List element
  • Number of Add to Cart calculations and displays in the A/B Testing report
  • “Share” option for the Product Page/Collection Page

UI Fixes

  • Collection rending in the Editor
  • Landing Page listing scheduled status shown
  • Preview Mode for Shopify Default Templates
  • Video background and custom URL preview in the Editor
  • Blog post rendering on the Templates List
  • Default CSS in the Icon List element
  • Add New Section and Add Template improvement in the Editor

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