May 2021

Let's get a sneak peek of what's new this May.


Required settings for (P) Upload File


You can now set the (P) Upload File element as Required. Once you turn on the toggle button of the “Required” field, your customers must upload a file before submitting their order. This can significantly reduce the problems for businesses that take custom orders.


Terms & Policies updates

We’ve updated GemPages’ Legal Terms and Policies for more clarity and transparency. These updates shouldn’t alter your access or use of GemPages’ services significantly, but we do suggest giving them a read.

Here are the highlights of the Policies that we have published:

  • Terms of Service: The main agreement that covers all uses of GemPages. A quick recap: you are responsible for actions performed on your account, and don’t sue us.
  • Privacy Policy: What information we collect, how we use it, and the choices you have. Revised for clarity and readability.
  • Cookies Policy: The types of cookies and related technologies we use to deliver our services. When using our services, you can choose to accept or reject cookies, or set your preferences by going to Account Settings > Data Privacy
  • Data Retention Policy: How we manage your data after you decided to discontinue the services, and how we comply with GDPR. Data from uninstalled stores will be deleted after 3 months, while the duration is 12 months for inactive stores.

The Policies went into effect on their publication dates. By continuing to use our services, you are agreeing to the Policies. 


Free Plan for Development Store (FDP)

GemPages is now Shopify Partner-friendly! As a Shopify Partner, you can create unlimited stores and enjoy all page design features. 

However, the following features will be blocked: Analytics, template transfer, and advanced. Please refer to our in-app pricing for more feature details and FAQs.




Exclusive offer for GemPages users: 15% off on all plans for ONE YEAR with code GEMGLOT15


The new Weglot integration with GemPages helps you automatically translate your entire site to 100+ languages, even dynamic content such as (P) Stock Counter and (P) Cart Button.

Don’t need to drag and drop any element, it’s a design-free experience. Learn how to translate your store with our detailed guide here.

LAI AliExpress Reviews


We proudly welcome LAI AliExpress Reviews - a great application for collecting reviews from customers, thus building trust and credibility. LAI Reviews has empowered more than 20,000 merchants worldwide with many beautiful layouts, various review sources, and tons of add-on benefits - all free in two weeks. 

Start integrating LAI AliExpress Reviews into your store now with our step-by-step guide.

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes


  • Share action disabled in the Editor
  • Replace the Quick Help button with the Support button

Bug Fixes


  • Padding X, padding Y error in the Tabs element
  • (P) SKU element doesn’t change when changing variant
  • Error in the Image element when an image file name has “()”
  • Ajax Cart in the (P) Cart Button element doesn’t work on iPhone 5
  • New Hero Banner element (beta): Fixed mode error, wrong height when the fixed mode is on, and content editing error when adding hero link
  • New Parallax element (beta): Error when the speed is changed to 1 or resizing error when the number of columns is changed


  • Ali Reviews integration is auto-opened when editing another element


  • Warning when there is a duplicate page ID error
  • Re-authorize the Editor when the session has expired
  • Remove Liquid code without adding JavaScript code
  • Uploadcare error when the image name has whitespace
  • Store domain check in the new Library (beta)
  • The Font error when inserting template, block, and from My Library

And as always, stay tuned for more updates from GemPages next month.


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