November 2021

We’re so excited to announce that we’re officially back on the Shopify App Store! A bunch of improvements has been made to convey our mission: to empower the creator in you.

New Dashboard


We’re thrilled to announce the brand new look of the Dashboard - more personalized, just for you.


Customize every corner of your Dashboard with all the new sections: from your recent pages, new templates, integrations to the latest news, changelog, and plenty more. Just simply switch the show/hide button to make it uniquely yours. The best part: you can drag & drop any section to arrange them visually.

Click on the button at the top right corner of your Dashboard and create your own! 

GemPages Rebrand

Along with the new Dashboard, we’ve also refined our brand to inspire the creator in you. 


Notice the small logo change? We’ve also completely redesigned our brand identity with a dark mode, more streamlined brand colors, new typography, and visuals.

Head to our new website - made 100% with GemPages - and take a tour!

New Pricing Plans

Last but not least, we’re proud to announce the new pricing plans with more features, more flexibility, and more discounts for each additional store.

The Professional plan is renamed Business. We believe that any business can utilize this plan to advance their storefront without having to be a design pro. Multi-store installation is no longer an exclusive feature of the Advanced plan, but Business can also take full advantage of it. You can enjoy 10% off when subscribing for 02 stores, and 20% off for 03 and more stores.

For further information, take a look at this article.

Minor updates & bug fixes


  • A welcome popup for new users 
  • Rename Sub Pages to Landing Pages
  • Disable Modify Layout feature when creating new articles on OS 2.0 theme
  • Add article guideline in the (P) Swatches element

Bug fixes

  • Video error when enabling the Slider option in the (P) Image List element
  • Discount error for multi-store installation
  • Slow issue when loading GemPages
  • Wrong data in A/B testing report 
  • The A/B Testing feature can’t save cookies on iPhone
  • The Blog Posts can’t be duplicated on OS 2.0 theme
  • Preview error with the (P) Titles element in Japanese
  • Link snippets error in the (P) Price and (P) Title elements
  • Left and right border error in the Separator element

That's all for now. Let’s welcome the all-new GemPages, and more great things to come!


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