November 2022

Here are all the latest features and updates in November. Ready to dive in? Let’s go! 

New Updates

New pricing model

As the needs of our customers keep growing, so should our plans. 
Since day one, we’ve been committed to creating an app that genuinely helps people sell online better and build a thriving community that shines individually and grows collectively.
After a year, we revisited our pricing plans, and it’s time to improve. We’re excited to announce that three brand-new pricing plans are officially up for grabs this November! These plans are rooted in in-depth customer studies designed to realize your expectations at different stages of business growth.
To see further information on our new pricing plans, head to 



Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make GemPages the most reliable page builder, we focused extra on eliminating key bugs! Here are some of the critical fixes:


  • Remove the alert ring in the dashboard
  • Fixed bug: password modal does not show in the editor
  • Added Unpublish to the page listing
  • Fixed development store new install
  • Change the limit preset for the new trial
  • Change the limit of the save element, block
  • Update plan name with new pricing for Agency
  • Fixed bug: schedule publish working incorrectly
  • Fixed bug: placeholder in editor show slowly
  • Optimized performance when loading into editor


Thank you, and see you in the next updates!

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