October 2021


A recap of the all-new updates this October. 

Minor updates & bug fixes


  • The workflow to get the Theme's global style
  • Moved ReConvert Thank You Page to Integrations
  • Fully compatible with Shopify Online Store 2.0
  • Core improvements for Button and Image elements

Bug fixes

  • The margin settings of the (P) Image List can’t be saved
  • Liquid syntax error in the (P) Description element
  • The Icon element error with stores based in Malaysia
  • The Page Settings feature error when publishing product, home, and collection templates
  • Missing data in A/B Testing’s Google Analytics reports
  • Error in the page list when customers haven’t set the store language

We hope these changes make your experience even more enjoyable than ever. The monthly release note will be back in the next two weeks. Until then, stay cool and happy page building!


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