October 2022

We are excited to announce new GemPages releases for October. Below are some of our most recent updates you should know about.

New Updates

GemMeter - the ultimate landing page optimization assistant

For the first time, we’ve released the GemMeter - an automated assistant that gives you real-time tips as you go in the editor, helping you build higher-converting pages. 
So, what exactly does GemMeter do?
GemMeter is a built-in feature that instantly examines your landing page, scores its ability to convert, and provides guidelines on how you can advance your pages. 
Here are some of the various aspects you can improve:

  • Detect content mistakes
  • Improve content readability
  • Enhance trustability and conversion capability
  • And so many more!

Head to your GemPages landing pages to try GemMeter


Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make GemPages the most reliable page builder, we focused extra on eliminating key bugs! Here are some of the critical fixes:

  • Fixed bug: Gem_Filter_Section is not working.
  • Fixed bug: Header/footer style not working in the editor.
  • Fixed bug: (P) Image makes live page error.
  • Fixed bug: Set padding from outline for the text block, heading not working.
  • Fixed bug: LAI Reviews - Homepage Reviews not working on OS 2.0.
  • Fixed bug: Error when saving the password in the store settings.
  • Fixed bug: Swatches background manager makes the editor slow down.
  • Fixed bug: Progressing status when publish not working.

Thank you and see you in the next updates!

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