September 2021

Here are all the latest features and updates in September. Ready to dive in? Let’s go! 


Activity Log


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our top-requested features: Activity Log

Always stay in the know of what you and others have been working on. From checking recent store activities, revising the work of another, to managing shared content - it's the complete view all in one place. 

Plus it’s super easy to find an activity - you can filter by user, time range, or action. Head to Account > Store Settings and check it now! update


Designing with the integration just got much better!

So instead of choosing two elements for different page types, from now on, you can make use of the all-in-one Product Reviews element. Head to the GemPages Dashboard > Integrations and give it a test drive!

If you need a little touch-up, please check out these guidelines.

Page Settings


Wouldn’t it be great to have the all-in-one place to organize all page options? Great news! Now you can with our latest update: Page Settings!

Customize every SEO-related, layout settings, and power up the loading speed of your page - all neatly tucked in the top right corner of the screen.

Click the three dots button of any page’s Editor then choose the last option right there. See for yourself! In case you want more further details, we’ve prepared the support article to digest.

Minor updates & bug fixes


  • Add Q4 2021 as the expected time for the Social Head and Omisend Email Marketing integrations
  • Show/Hide options in the (P) Swatches and (P) Variants elements
  • Updated the recommended Number of Products in the Product List element
  • Set the new sold out logic for the (P) Swatches element
  • Add Spacing and Same Height options to the Related Products element
  • Add custom Extra Class to the (P) Cart Button element to disable the cart drawer
  • Set the default image width to 100% for the Image element

Bug fixes

  • The sticky position issue in the Row element
  • Set the default image width to 100% for the Image element
  • The video from Vimeo doesn't work when enabling lightbox in the (P) Image List element
  • The sold out display error in the (P) Swatches element
  • The Preload Stylesheet setting can't be saved

That's all for now. We hope these updates have brightened up your day 🤟 See you in the next two weeks!


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