Create and assign a custom product page for a specific product

This article will help you to design a custom product page for a specific product.

What is a product page and how it works?

A product page describes each aspect of a product (including features, uses, and other information), and it's intended to help customers make a buying decision. 


In GemPages, you can easily create your product template and apply it to all your products or just a specific product. For further information about "Product page", please click here.


Why do we need to create a custom product page?

Your product pages are the lifeblood of your online store. While almost products use the default product template as the main wireframe, there are some products, especially for your winning products which you would like to make it unique and contentful to increase the conversation rate. 

What is the product assignment feature? 

This feature will allow you to assign your products to a separate template. Just follow the simple steps below, you can set it up in a few seconds.

  • Step 1: Select your product template. The assignment settings box will appear on the right side.

  • Step 2:  By hitting the Add product button at the bottom, a product list will show up. You can select one or multiple products and click "Add product" to assign the current template for them.
    A smart search on the top of the pop-up allows you to quickly find out your products from the list.

  • Step 3: The last step is to confirm your action. Click on Yes, Add now if you accept the change. Otherwise, click Cancel to dismiss your last selection.

    Just in case, you would like to unassign any selected products, please hit X on the right side and click Unlink now in the confirmation popup to finish.


Please be well advised that it also requires to enable Dynamic feature on the Product module in order to alter assigned products to the selected product template. 

If you're interested in learning more about powerful, user-friendly GemPages, please feel free to reach our Support Team. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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