How to remove GemPages code from my theme

1. Revert to Shopify default templates

If you are using GemPages templates as the default template for your homepages, product pages, and collection pages on your live store, please revert them to Shopify’s default templates by:

  • Go to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Live Theme > Action > Edit Code.

  • Search for these files in the search bar

    • index.liquid for homepages
    • product.liquid for product pages
    • collection.liquid for collection pages

  • Choose "Older versions", select the "Original version" and then "Save".


By doing this, your live store will be switched back to Shopify default templates, while GemPages templates are saved for future use. If you want to completely remove GemPages from your theme, please view the next section.

2. Remove GemPages code

It’s best to create a backup version of your theme before removing the code, as it would be helpful in case you accidentally delete the wrong code ;) Go to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Live theme > Action > Duplicate to complete the action.


To remove GemPages code, access Shopify Admin > Online Store > Live theme > Action > Edit code.



Step 1:

Search for "theme.liquid" and delete these code lines

You can use Ctrl + F (Windows) or  Command + F (Mac)  to easily locate the code

{% include 'gem-app-header-scripts' %}

{% include 'gem-app-footer-scripts' %}



Step 2:

  • Search for the "gem" keyword
  • Open each file containing the keyword
  • Click "Delete file"


After deleting all files, all GemPages code will be completely removed from your theme. 

We understand that GemPages might not be the best fit for everyone. If you want to, please take a moment to tell us what can be improved to enhance your experience via email or live chat. Our team is always eager to help!

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