How to add the Product Reviews to your page

This article will guide you through the steps to show product reviews from the Product Reviews app on your pages.

Before you start, make sure to have the app added on Shopify and GemPages. If you haven't, check out this article for the detailed guide.

Configure the app

Step 1: Access the dashboard by going to the Apps section of your Shopify admin



Step 2: You will find all the options to customize the review widgets and manage your reviews from the app dashboard.

Please follow the app guide or contact support by clicking on the blue icon at the right bottom of the dashboard.



Add Product Reviews to your page

Step 1: From the GemPages Dashboard, select the preferred template and enter the Editor. Look for the Product Reviews element on the left sidebar. Next, drag & drop the element to your chosen position.



Step 2: When clicking on the element, you will find its configuration options in the left sidebar. 

Under the Setting tab, you can select the widget that you prefer to display on your page. There are 11 widget types you can choose from the drop-down menu, including:

  • Reviews: Show detailed product reviews and a form for customers to submit their own.
  • Star Badge: Display the product's star rating and the total number of reviews.
  • Carousel: Show multiple reviews in the carousel layout.
  • Full page: Allow you to show the all reviews on a dedicated page.
  • Visual Gallery: Display photo reviews in the carousel or gallery layout.
  • Wall Photos: Utilize a wall-photo style widget to display all reviews.
  • Top Rated: Allow you to showcase products with the most reviews in the carousel style.
  • Site Badge: Display the number of stars received in the minimalist badge style.
  • Side drawer: A sliding widget shown as a tab on the side of the screen in your store.
  • Instagram Feed: Widget for displaying curated photos using's Instagram feature, comes in carousel or gallery-style.
  • Checkout Comments: Widget for displaying collected checkout comments, usually placed in product pages. 

All 11 widgets are available on Product pages or inside a Product Module. Elsewhere, you can choose from 9 widgets except Reviews and Star Badge.


For more details about each widget type with visual examples, you can check out this article from 

Step 3: Hit “Save” and “Publish,” then check the result on the live page.



If you're interested in exploring more third-party apps that directly integrate with GemPages, you can check out our integration list


Should you require any further assistance, please contact our GemPages Support Team at any time via email or live chat.

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