An overview of the GemPages Dashboard


When going into the app from the Shopify admin, you will be greeted with the GemPages Dashboard. Let’s explore everything our Dashboard offers at a glance.

Firstly, you can check this video tutorial to get started with the GemPages Dashboard:


The Topbar

In the Dashboard, the top bar presents a quick way to access your pages and general account settings.

Search bar


Effortlessly search for your existing pages and preview them right from the Dashboard. The search bar will automatically bring up your most recently edited pages when you click on it. To search for a specific page, just type in the page name or page ID.



Tip: Here is how you locate your page ID In the Editor, locate the page’s URL at the top of your browser window and look for a 10-digit code - this is your unique page ID and can be used to quickly search for your page in the search bar.


Support button


Click on the “?” icon to access support options.


Live Chat


Get in touch with our GemPages Support Team anytime and we will respond to you as soon as possible. This feature can also be accessed by the chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Get Started Guide


Watch 6 short animated tutorials to speed up your learning process by getting to know all page types and our integrations.



Help Center


This button takes you to the Help Center in a single click, where you can explore all the articles and tutorials you need to master GemPages. You can also reach the Help Center by clicking the button on the bottom left corner in the sidebar.




This is where you find useful video tutorials for a more visualized approach to GemPages. All videos are categorized and uploaded on our YouTube channel!


Feature Request

Click here if you want to request a feature that is not yet available in GemPages. We will reply to the request as soon as possible and announce any updates in the system Changelog!



Notification center

All announcements are displayed here. You can pin/unpin notifications so they always appear on top, or click on one to read and catch up with the latest changes revolving GemPages.


General settings

This is where you access your account and store settings. 


The Sidebar

The sidebar holds all the tools you need to manage and build your site.


Back to Shopify

This button takes you back to your Shopify Admin.



Quickly get back to the Dashboard by clicking this tab.





Clicking on each of these sections will bring you to the list of respective page types you can create, edit and manage your pages.




This is where you can access your A/B Testing feature (only available on Business and Advanced plans)


3rd Party

See all available and upcoming third-party integrations here.



Plan & Upgrade


Last but not least, your current plan is always displayed at the bottom left corner of the Dashboard.

GemPages currently offers 3 plans: Starter, Business, and Advanced.




Visit our article to learn how to upgrade or downgrade your GemPages subscription.


The Main Dashboard

“Create New Page” Button and Recent Pages

Click here to quickly select a page type and start editing. You also can see the recently edited pages. 


Latest Templates

View the newest templates, or click on "View Library" to explore the whole library.



And there you have it! This is a quick look at everything you can find within the GemPages Dashboard. For any further assistance, please reach out to our GemPages Support Team via email or live chat.


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