An Introduction to The Library

This article will browse through the GemPages Library and how to best utilize its resources.

From the GemPages Dashboard, select your preferred template to access the Editor. After that, access the Library from the top bar.



The GemPages Library gives you all the essentials to design a website, including page elements, pre-designed templates & blocks, along with your own resource hub.


The Elements tab contains all GemPages elements, including the native and third-party integrations. 


The default Editor only equips you with the basic elements. To view all elements, please go to Library > Element. To add the element to the Editor, click on it and select the "Add Element" button.



Under the Blocks tab, you can mix and match from 100+ professionally designed blocks to get the page done in no time.



Hover over your chosen block and select “Preview” to see how it looks. Click “Insert” at the top right corner to add it to your page. 


After that, the block would be inserted at the bottom of your page. Simply drag and drop it to any position you prefer.


The Templates tab is only available for Business and Advanced plans. To view GemPages' pricing plan and choose your best fit, please click here.

Other than Blocks, GemPages also offer full-page design under the Templates tab. Choose from 50+ templates tailored to all page types and industries.

Hover over your chosen template and select “Preview” to see how it looks. Click “Insert” at the top right corner to add it to your page. 


My Library

My Library is the place where you can store your designed blocks and templates for future use.

You can save unlimited blocks and templates in My Library. To add a saved item to your page, simply click "Insert" then position the item to your preference.


For a detailed guide on how to save and transfer your blocks and templates, check out this article


You also can check out this video to get started with the GemPages Library:



If you're interested in learning more about the powerful, user-friendly features of GemPages, feel free to explore the Help Center or reach our GemPages Support Team via email or live chat.

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