How to set up a Cart drawer


This article explains to you what a cart drawer is and how you can install one for your Shopify store.


What is a Cart Drawer?

For an online store, a quick and pleasant checkout experience directly relates to a high conversion rate, and one of the ways to provide a better checkout experience is to have a drawer-styled cart.

The Cart Drawer (also known as the slide-out cart, or mini cart) replaces the traditional Cart page by presenting an off-canvas window that conveniently slides in & out from the page’s edge every time a customer adds a product to the cart.

The nature of the Cart Drawer allows shoppers to view their cart and continue shopping after adding an item, instead of being redirected to the Cart page.


Example of a cart drawer on the Desktop view:


On the Mobile view:




How to install a Cart Drawer on your store

There are two ways you can add a Cart Drawer to your store.


Method #1: Use a theme that offers Cart Drawer

Currently, the Cart Drawer is available on some Shopify themes such as Brooklyn (Free), Pop (Free), Supply (Free), Atlantic, Blockshop, Parallax, Testament, Alchemy, etc.


The next step is to enable Ajax Cart in the (P) Cart Button element and select the Custom tab. Check out this article to learn how to do that.


If you are using a theme that supports the Cart Drawer feature, please contact our GemPages Support Team to get assistance with enabling it on the app.

To check whether your theme supports Cart Drawer, check the feature list or try adding a product to your cart on the live store.


Method #2: Use a third-party app on Shopify App Store

If your current theme does not support the Cart Drawer, you can always use a third-party app to achieve the same functionality. Use "Cart Drawer" as the keyword on the Shopify App Store and find your best fit.

Don’t hesitate to contact our GemPages Support Team to check for compatibility and help you integrate the app into your store.


We can be reached anytime via email or live chat.



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