What will happen if I pause or close my store?

In this article, you will know about what will happen with your GemPages subscription and pages when you plan to pause or close your store.

For some reasons, you may need to pause or close your store(s) and focus on other priorities. We understand the situation and will tell you what will happen then. Let's walk through 02 main aspects that you may concern when actually leaving temporarily or permanently: Charges and Pages created with GemPages.


There are some differences when you decide to pause your store with two pause plans provided by Shopify (Click here for further details about plans)

  • Pause and Build plan: Pause your store and continue to work on it.
  • Pause plan: Pause your store completely and step away from it.


  1. Pause and Build

    • Like other Shopify apps, GemPages will still charge when you use this plan.
    • The subscription will be automatically renewed based on your billing cycle.

  2. Pause your store completely

    • With this plan, your store is paused for up to 03 months without being charged for any GemPages' plan you have subscribed to.
    • While you are on this plan, you will not be able to access your GemPages to work on your store or sell to customers.

  3. Close your store

    • You may consider canceling the GemPages service to avoid being billed externally after you close your store. Click here to know how to cancel your plan.

Your Pages created with GemPages

  1. Pause and Build

    • All your pages will still be kept untouched.
    • You are also able to access GemPages and make any necessary adjustments.
      During this time, your customers can visit your store and browse your products, but they can't purchase your products. In order to avoid poor customer experience, you can create an under-construction page and possibly collect their email addresses to let them know when you are ready to come back or for any further communication.
  2. Pause your store completely & Close your store

    • It is unable to share templates from paused or closed stores.
    • You are NOT able to access GemPages to make any changes.

No matter which plans you choose, if you uninstall GemPages, all images on your pages, which were saved on our highest speed CDN, will be moved to the lower speed CDN after 03 months. Check out this article to understand more about what happen when you choose to uninstall GemPages and if you need any further assistance, our GemPages Support Team is here for you.

You can reach us anytime via email or live chat.

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