How to link your menu items to the header and footer in Shopify


This article will guide you through the process to link your menu items to your store’s header and footer in Shopify's Theme Editor. In this example, we use the Debut theme.


If you need help linking your pages to Shopify menu items, we’ve prepared an article for you.


To start off, let’s access the theme editor in Shopify Admin > Online store > Themes > Customize


Link to the Header

Step 1: Select Header on the left sidebar to start editing the section.

Step 2: On the right sidebar, look for the “Menu” section. Select Change > Change menu

Step 3: Select the menu item you created earlier. Hit “Select” at the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Hit “Save” at the top right corner and exit out of the theme editor.

Here’s how the result should look like on your live store.


Link to the Footer 

To link your menu item to the Footer, you can add a new block, or edit an existing block.


The footer allows up to 4 blocks. If you've maxed out, consider adding your menu item to an existing block, or remove one out of the four.


Add/Remove a block

Step 1: Select Footer on the left sidebar to start editing the section.

Step 2

  • To remove a block: Select the block and hit the “Remove block” button at the bottom of the right sidebar.

  • To add a block, hit the “Add block” button on the left sidebar in the Theme editor and select the Menu block type.


A new block will be created and named Quick links by default. 

Next up, we will link our page to this block by editing it.


Edit a block

Click on a block to start editing it. On the right sidebar you can:

  • Edit the block’s name in the Heading field.



  • Edit the menu item: Click on the Edit menu link to be redirected to the Menus section of the Shopify Admin.
  • Select a menu item to link to this block: Click the “Change” drop-down menu, then choose "Change menu".



Pick a menu item you have prepared and hit “Select”.

Hit “Save”.

The result should look like this:


And there you have it! Our Help Center has a ton of helpful tutorials and tips to get you started and if you need any assistance along the way, our GemPages Support Team is always here to help. Contact us at any time via email or live chat.

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