What to do when your Product Module doesn't show on your live page?

This article will walk you through the basic troubleshooting steps when the Product Module is missing from your live page.

The Product Module is an essential element, enabling you to showcase any product from your Shopify Admin. In some cases, you may have an issue that the Product Module appears on the Editor but not on your live page. Please try the below troubleshooting steps.

Republish your page

From your GemPages Dashboard, click on "Edit" to access your selected product template's Editor. Hit "Publish" to republish your page to bring all the updates to your live store.


Check the Product Visibility on your Shopify Admin

Step 1: Head to your Shopify Admin > Products and select your preferred product. 


Step 2: Make sure your Product Status is active. 


Step 3: Under the Sales channels and Apps section, check if the Online Store channel is selected. 



Hit "Clear schedule" if your product is scheduled available in the future.  


Should you need any further assistance, please let our Customer Support team know directly via email & live chat for direct assistance!

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