How to add Advertising app tracking to Instant Landing Pages

In this article, we'll walk you through the process of connecting your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, or Tiktok Pixels account to your landing pages which was created by Instant Landing Pages

Google Analytics

Step 1: Create Your Google Analytics Account

Before we start, you will need to create a Google Analytics account. Please note that your Google Analytics account should be a Universal Analytics account (Google Analytics 3). 


Please follow the instruction in this article to create a Universal Analytics account. Otherwise, your newly created account will be Google Analytics 4 account instead. 

Step 2: Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account. 

2. Select the “Admin” tab and click on “Ecommerce Settings” under the “View” column.



3. Turn on both “Enable Ecommerce” and “Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting” options, then click “Save”.


Step 3: Create Universal Analytics account

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account

2. Select the “Admin” setting, chọn Create Property on the Property section



3. Enter Property name


4. Select Show advanced options to create Universal Analytics account


5. Enable Create a Universal Analytics property

6. Choose Create a Universal Analytics property only


7. Next and Create the account

8. Copy Tracking ID


Step 4: Use this Tracking ID on Instant Landing Pages

1. Go to the Instant Landing Pages editor

2. Click Publish and select Edit on Publish Setting


3. Paste this GA3 Tracking ID to Google Analytics input and Apply Settings


Facebook Pixels

Step 1: Create a Facebook ad account

Before getting started with Pixel creation, make sure you are the admin of your Facebook Business Manager, a tool that helps manage ad accounts, Pages, people who have access to them in one place. In case you don’t have an account yet, follow these steps to create one: (if you do have an account, proceed to Step 2).

Step 2: Create FB Pixel

Once you have your business account, do the following in your Business Manager to create a Meta Pixel:


1. Open Settings, then go to Business Settings


2. Choose your business in the dropdown menu above and click on Data Sources. Choose Pixels



3. Click on the Add button in the tab on the right.

4. Write in the name of the Pixel to avoid possible confusion in the future. Here you can also enter the URL of your website to verify your domain name. Domain verification is an important step that allows you to effectively integrate Pixel. Remember that you can use only one Pixel for each verified domain name.


When you’re ready, click Continue.



5. This is the last step of creating a Meta Pixel. Next, we need to add it to your Shopify store. So click on “Set up the Pixel Now” and meet us in the next paragraph.


Step 3: Add your Pixel ID to Shopify

1. To install Pixel onto a store on Shopify on Facebook, choose the first option in the menu



2. Select Shopify among the Partner options.


Later you will be taken to your Shopify store. To add your Pixel to the store, you need to make sure your Shopify Account is connected to Facebook. Here are the instructions on how to connect Shopify to Facebook.

Once it’s done, go back to Facebook to continue with the setup. Tick the box next to I’ve completed the setup on Shopify, and click Next


Step 4. Verify Meta Pixel Integration and check if it is working

Now you need to make sure your Pixel is connected to your store. For this, in the next window, enter your domain address to verify the Pixel is working correctly and click Send test traffic. If everything is set up correctly, your status will change to Active.



Later you will see a confirmation window. From there, you can Test Events in the Event Manager, Create Ad or go to Facebook Analytics. We highly recommend going to Test Events in Events Manager, as you will have to select 8 standard events you want to optimize the ads for.


Tiktok Pixels

Step1: Create a Tiktok Business Account

The first thing that we need to do is to create a TikTok business account. With a Tiktok business account, you can check your ad performance on the platform

Step 2: Connect Shopify and Tiktok Business

1. On your Shopify Admin, click the Apps located on the left side, click the App and sales channel settings button, and on the next page, click Shopify App Store button. Search for Tiktok Ads on the search field and look for the app that's by Tiktok Inc. Add the app and add it to your sales channel. 



2. On the Tiktok Channel Overview, click the Set Up Now so we can connect both of the accounts. 


Step 2: Connect your Tiktok for Business Account

In The GemPages Editor

Step 1: Go to the Editor of Instant Landing Pages

Step 2: On the right corner of the header bar, click Publish button then click Edit

Step 3: A new panel will appear. Click on "Install Tracking Code" tab, it includes 3 inputs: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Tiktok Pixel.

Step 4: Confirm apply tracking code by clicking Apply Settings button.


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