(P) File Upload Element

In this article, you will learn about (P) File Upload element and how to use it in the customer's checkout process. 

What is the (P) File Upload Element?

The File Upload Element gives your customers the ability to upload their files when adding a product to the shopping cart. This helps your customers to share the special requirements for the order without having to contact the customer support team. The element accepts image, video and audio files.

Note: the (P) indicates that this is a child element of the Product module. You will need to drag this element inside a Product module to make it work.

How to add (P) File Upload to the Editor

Step 1: Go to the Library inside the GemPages Editor. 



Step 2: Find the (P) File Upload element using the search bar and choose Add Element.


Element Configurations

  • Button Text: input your primary text, secondary text and set the text gap between these two lines. 

  • Typography: style your text with numerous typography options.

  • Button Color: choose the color for the button’s text and background. 

  • Dimension: change the width and height of the button.

  • Preview: customize the display of the file preview after being uploaded.

  • Alignment: determine how the text is positioned within the text box: left-aligned, centered, or right-aligned.

  • Extra Class: add a class name for reference in the CSS file so custom the element to your liking.

Important: the files uploaded by your customers will be stored in the Order section of the Shopify Admin.


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