Which image format supported by GemPages

Image formats (/format/:format/)

GemPages supports the following image formats:

  • JPEG or JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF

GemPages serves images in WebP format on supported browsers.

JPEG Images

The JPEG standard works by combining color variation and discarding what the human eye cannot see, a process known as “lossy” compression.

In this way, it can help to keep page loading times fast without a noticeable loss in image quality

JPEG images are ideal for photography and other still images with complex colors. 

All browsers support JPEG.


Use the JPEG format for the following kinds of images:

  • products
  • banners or slideshows/carousels
  • pages and blog posts.

PNG Images

PNG is a lossless file format which is ideal for graphics and icons with flat colors and without gradients.

The PNG format is also able to support transparency & is compatible with all browsers.


Use the PNG format for the following kinds of images:

  • logos
  • icons
  • borders and trims.

Upload limits 

Image uploads to GemPages editor have restrictions in terms of file size. Each Image uploaded to GemPages editor can't exceed 3MB. (megabytes). If your image file is larger than 3MB, you may consider to upload it to Shopify Admin by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: From Shopify Admin, select Settings, and then access Files

  • Step 2: Upload your image
  • Step 3: Get the URL link

  • Step 4: In the editor page, insert the link in the Image Src box of the Settings tab.

Compression (-/quality/:value/) 

To keep the images load fast, GemPages compresses images when they're displayed on your online store. With compression, more images can be stored in a given amount of disk or memory space. Additionally, the time required to access the images is greatly reduced. Compression might result in a change in image quality, depending on your image's format, size, and original quality.
Additionally, after uploading the image to the editor, it's possible to change the value of quality to adjust the display quality of the image.  


Value Meaning
normal The default setting. This level will suit most cases
better ≈125% file size compared to normal
best ≈170% file size. This level will be helpful when you want to upload a high-resolution image without paying much attention to the file size 
lighter ≈80% file size. This level will be useful when applied to relatively large images to save traffic without significant losses in quality.
lightest ≈50% file size. This level will be useful for retina resolutions when you don’t have to worry about the quality of each pixel
smart automatically adjusts image compression and format settings to preserve visual quality while minimizing the file size.



You can check the other properties of images from this page.


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