How to add Wiser Product Recommendations on your page

Before jumping in, please make sure Wiser is installed on your Shopify Store and in GemPages Editor. Check out this article to learn how.

Step 1: Configure the Wiser app on your Shopify Admin's Apps page.


You can access Wiser’s guide via the Settings and "Help" button at the top bar.

The Wiser Live Chat Support is available at the bottom right corner of the settings page in case you need more help.



Step 2: In the Editor, drag and drop the Wiser element from the left sidebar onto your page.


Step 3: Choose a widget from the drop-down menu under the Wiser element’s Settings tab.


There are 9 Wiser widgets in total. 6 of them can be applied on all pages, while the remaining 3 can only be displayed on Product pages. Please refer to the table below.


Widget Page Types Function
Recently Viewed Products All Shows the recently viewed products browsed by the visitor.
New Arrivals All Shows newly added products in the Shopify Admin.
Featured Products All You can assign products and to a collection and display them using this widget.
Top Selling Products All Shows products that are sold the most number of times.
Trending Products All Displays products that have a growth in their own sales in the last 2 weeks.

Inspired By Your Browsing History

All Shows products related to the visitor's browsing history on the site.
Related Products Product pages Shows related products based on various conditions, including products that share the same collection, tags, vendor, or type.
Recommended Products Product pages

Displays product recommendations.

You can manually pick out specific products to display in this widget.

Frequently Bought Together Product pages Wiser analyzes your past orders and shows products which were purchased together by previous customers. You can also show manually selected products.


You can also add multiple Wiser widgets on a single page.



You can also use the Design tab to further customize the look and feel of your widgets.


Step 4: Don't forget to further customize the look of your Wiser element to your liking with the Design tab!

 Hit "Save" and "Publish" to start implementing the Wiser app on your live page once you're done.

Visit our full list of integrations for more third-party apps and should you need further assistance, our GemPages Support Team is here to help. Contact us via email or live chat.


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