How to add Yotpo Product Reviews to custom pages

In this article, we will walk you through several steps, requiring non-technical knowledge to integrate Yotpo into GemPages.

It couldn't be simpler to set up Yotpo: Photo & Product Reviews to any of webpages on your site. Let's get started now!


Install the Yotpo reviews app from the Shopify app store


  • Step 2: Configure options in the app. 4 types of widgets will be instructed in this article including Carousel, Badges, Embedded Widget, and SEO Page. For more details, please follow the next steps in this article.


Add Yotpo - custom pages element in GemPages

  • Step 1: Access the Library, by clicking on the Library button on the Toolbar of the editor page.


  • Step 2: In the pop-up window, under the Elements tab of the Third-party item, enter Yotpo - Custom pages on the Search box.


  • Step 3: Then press on Add element at the bottom of the appearing popup. 

  • Step 4: After the element is configured (usually in a few seconds), you should see it on the left sidebar. Then simply drag and drop the Yotpo - Custom pages element to your page.



Set up widgets 

  • Step 1: Under Choose widget item, select the data configured in Yotpo in order to display in GemPages.



Carousel: Display reviews in a carousel-style widget. This type of widget brings the best result when it is configured in "Above the fold" of the Homepage. 

Besides configuring in Yotpo app, you can customize parameters right under the Settings tab in GemPages.




Badges: A badge that can be placed in your store to showcase the number of reviews received for your branding. Please be well advised that at least 20 reviews are required to see a badge preview
Embedded widget: A small widget shows either your top-rated products (products with the highest star rating) or your most recent reviews. 

Note: You can find your App key following Yotpo's instruction here. You don't need to come back to Yotpo to customize this widget, but you can do it right in GemPages as below:



SEO page: A dedicated page for all site and product reviews which displays reviews according to how the Tabs are configured from the Reviews Tab settings in your Yotpo Account. GemPages will automatically integrate this entire page once you select this widget. 

(This is an example of an SEO page designed by Yotpo.)



  • Step 2: Click Save and Preview, then Publish when all is set up.

That’s it! GemPages will start to embed your data from Yotpo right away. If you're interested in exploring more third-party apps that directly integrate with Gempages, you can check out this link. Otherwise, you can always integrate other apps to Gempages by our Liquid element. 


Need more help? Feel free to reach out to our GemPages Support Team via email and live chat.



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