How to assign products to a specific page

By default, Shopify provides only one template for all of your products. However, with GemPages, you can design a single product page template for all of your products, or assign your products to different templates. This is made possible by the Product Assignment feature.


Assign products to a template

These steps will guide you to assign your products to a specific template.

Step 1: Access your Product Pages tab in the GemPages Dashboard.

Step 2: Hover over the Product template you preferred and click on the Assigned Products button.


Step 3: An Assigned Products box shall appear next to the selected template, on your right-hand side. Click “Add Product”. 


Step 4: Select all products you wish to use for this template and hit the blue “Add Product” button.


Step 5: A new window pops up confirming the number of products selected.

If you have selected all the correct products, hit "Yes, Add Now!" to complete the process. 

If you need to change the product list, hit "Cancel" and go back to Step 2.

Once added successfully, you shall see your product(s) in the Assigned Product box of the selected template.

*Note: The Dynamic switch under Product Module is recommended to be turned on for data syncing in case you assign more than one product to your template. Learn how to do it in this article's Dynamic feature section.

Set a default template

If you only need one template for all of your products, you can effortlessly set this one as default in GemPages.

Step 1: Access your Product Pages in the GemPages Dashboard.

Step 2: Select the template you want to set as default, click on the three-dot button at the end and select “Make Default”.


Step 3: Confirm your action by clicking "Make Default".


Turn on the Product module’s Dynamic switch

The Dynamic feature allows you to automatically sync Shopify data for assigned products within the template. Therefore, it's highly recommended for your default template or templates with multiple products. To enable the feature, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Access your Product Pages in the GemPages Dashboard.

Step 2: Go into the template’s Editor by clicking the “Edit” button.



Step 3: Click on the Product module to start editing it.

Step 4: Turn on the “Dynamic” switch under the Product Module’s settings. The product module will turn from pink to purple color.


Step 5: Hit “Publish” to make the change go live.


Unassign products from a template

Follow these steps to unassign your products from a template you previously used but is now no longer needed.

Step 1: Access your Product Pages in the GemPages Dashboard.

Step 2: Select the template that you want to unassign products.

Step 3: Click the “X” icon next to the specific product you want to remove in the Assigned Products box.


Step 4: A window will pop up prompting you to confirm. Please click “Unlink Now!” to unassign the product. You can repeat the steps to remove more products. 

You can now take full advantage of the Product assignment feature. If you require any further assistance, please let our GemPages Support Team know via email or live chat.

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