Display text with the Text Block element

This article will explain to you what the Text Block element is and how to use it in GemPages.


What is the Text Block element?

The Text Block is one of GemPages’ fundamental elements. If you need to display text in the form of a long paragraph or short sentences on your page, the Text Block is your go-to element.


Add the Text Block element on your page

Step 1: In the GemPages Dashboard, click on one of your pages and enter the Editor via the “Edit” button.

Step 2: Drag & drop a Text Block element onto your preferred spot on the page.

The Text Block element is now on your page with a default paragraph, with all settings accessible via the left sidebar.



Step 3: Input your text into the Text Block element. If you paste a paragraph into it, you will be asked to paste the plain text or keep the text format.



Step 4: The text format can be edited in GemPages using the toolbar, which will appear every time you highlight your text.


Configure the Settings tab



There are 7 parameters in this section:


Font Weight: Select the preferred font weight from the drop-down menu.
Font Size: Adjust the font size in pixels using the slider or input a number in the box

Line Height: Adjust the text’s height in em (1 em = 16 pixels)

Letter Spacing: Adjust the letter spacing in pixels.

Text Color: Adjust the color of the text.

Font: Choose the font used for your text in this text block. Inherit means GemPages will use the default font of your theme. You can also open the Font Manager panel to select more fonts, which can be uploaded with instructions from this article.


Text Transform: Transform all your text to either:


  • None: No transformation
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Capitalize



Text Shadow

Toggle this on will enable the text shadow. From here you can choose a Shadow Color and open “More settings”:

Shadow Angle: Adjust the angle for the shadow to cast. You can spin the bar inside the circle to your preferred direction, or enter the degree in the box.
Shadow Distance: Adjust how far the shadow will be away from the actual text.
Shadow Blur: Adjust the blurriness of the shadow.



There are four alignment positions for a text block: Left, Center, Right, and Justify.



Extra Class Name

If you know about coding and would like to further customize the Text Block element, you can add in a class name and then refer to it later on in the CSS file.


Configure the Design tab

Don’t forget to fine-tune your Text Block’s appearance on the live page with the Design tab.


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